Tombstone Tuesday – Herman and Theresa Paessler

Tombstone for Herman and Augusta
Paessler (Old Mission Cemetery, Upper
Sandusky, Ohio)

One of the most meaningful genealogy research trips I ever took was about several years before my mother passed away.  She and I went over to Upper Sandusky, Ohio where most of her family was from and spent a full day walking cemeteries, doing some light research in the local library and mostly touring the area while I listened to Mom reminisce about her childhood memories and the memories that she had of Upper Sandusky.  During that trip, we walked Old Mission Cemetery and it amazed me that Mom was able to take me right to nearly every family grave marker that was in that cemetery.  This trip was early on in my genealogy researching, so the very first piece of information that I had on my great great grandfather and grandmother Paessler came from their tombstone which is pictured here.  I can’t say that the markers are artistic, unique or anything else, but this one holds some significance for me as my first step in researching the Paessler line.


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