Friday’s Faces From the Past – All The Same Person?

Unidentified child

Friday’s Faces From the Past is a suggested blog topic from Geneabloggers where bloggers post either “orphaned” photos that they have found at flea markets and such, or they post one of their own photos that they just can’t identify.  I’m going with the latter.  I have one picture that was found in family photos, but up to this point, I have not been able to positively identify.

The photo, pictured here, is of a young child.  It was tucked in with several other family photos, but there are no markings whatsoever on the picture.  There is another picture that was in the same stack, that may or may not be the same child.  The second picture (below) is very obviously a male child, and my father said that he “thinks” the male child is his father as a child, but he just isn’t positive.  As I have looked at the two pictures, I see quite a few similarities, but the first picture would appear to be a female child based on the clothing.  (I know that could very well be a false assumption based on the time frame of the photos.)

“Possibly” Donald Washler

To add further evidence for comparison, I pulled a picture of my grandfather from when he was a young man (the last picture below) just to do a side-by-side comparison of facial features.  Unfortunately, the last photo is more distant, so the facial features are a bit harder to pick out, but in my oh so non-expert opinion, it would appear that all three pictures are the same person.  I’m curious what others may think when comparing the pictures, or if any of my other relatives out there may be able to identify the children in these two pictures.

Donald Washler as a young man


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Faces From the Past – All The Same Person?

  1. My eyes aren't good enough to see the face on the last photo properly, but the first two photos do look like the same child to me. Did Donald Washler have sisters? It's possible the first photo is a female relative who resembles the second very closely. But as you said, clothing styles in ages past do not always conform to our ideas of gender-appropriate.

  2. Lynn, Thanks for the feedback! Donald's closest sister was 8 years older than him. It IS possible that the child in the “dress” is one of his sisters. I have sent the picture off to one of my Aunt's to see if they may be able to tell me for sure which sibling it is.

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