Surname Saturday – Hill

Five of the Hill Siblings

This week’s Surname Saturday post is ironically the surname that I heard the most about growing up, but one of the ones that I have actually learned the least about – Hill.  Growing up, Mom always talked about her mother’s family and told stories of Grandma and her siblings (Mom could recite all 11 Hill Siblings in birth order as if it were simply saying her own name).  But ironically, once I get past my 2nd Great Grandfather on that side, I have a very hard time finding information on the family (at least digitized information).

Surname: Hill

Variations: None known to date, but Mom was pretty sure that when the family came over from Germany, the family name was much longer and that Hill was an “Americanized” version.

Origins:  I have traced the family name as far back as Samuel P. Hill who was born in Pennsylvania in 1830.  I have un-proven information that Samuel’s father was a Rudolph Hill who came from Germany, but I have not been able to substantiate that information up to this point.  From Pennsylvania, Samuel moved to Ohio settling in the north central part of the state in Richland and then Wyandot Counties.  The Hill family stayed mostly in Ohio, but some members moved around to other parts of the country.  I am still working on tracing more descendants of Samuel Hill to see if I am able to link up with other parts of the family.

Challenges:  Probably my biggest challenge has been simply finding digitized information on the family origins.  I am relatively convinced that the Hill family will be the one for which I make the most research trips to distant courthouses!


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