Sunday’s Obituary – Samuel Hill

 Wyandot County Republican,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
16 March 1906

Today’s obituary is for my 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Hill (4 Nov 1830-13 Mar 1906).  Samuel is the furthest back that I have been able to prove my Hill Line, despite the fantastic information that is contained in his obituary.  I was actually able to find a biography of Samuel in a published history of Wyandot County which mirrors most of the information in the obituary on the right.  That tells me that either a) the information is relatively accurate or b) the author of the obituary used that biography as the basis for the obit!  Either way, Great Great Grandpa Hill’s obituaries have been a great source of information on his life as well as a treasure chest of clues about where to continue researching this line.

Wyandot Chief,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
15 March 1906


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