Follow Friday – May 10

I’ve started reading a lot more blogs lately, and while I know there are several much more widely read “Follow Friday” posts and such, I thought I would continue to share with my readers some of my favorites from the week.

This week’s picks:

Tuesday’s Tip – Daughters Of The American Revolution Library  – A great review of a resource that I hope to be able to go use one day (if I make it back up toWashington, D.C.)

Putting Your Family on the Map – Finding Your Ancestors and Mapping Their History  I love the idea of adding a map showing the movement of my ancestral families, and this is a wonderful “How To” to help get you started!

It Was Right Under My Nose!! – All I can say it…been there and done that!  I think we all have, and we can all relate to the “pain” and exhilaration that Cindy must have felt when she realized that she had the information all along.
Thoughts on Very Large Genealogy Files (VLGF) – I’ve been one of those people who was more interested in accumulating names than doing in-depth research.  Thankfully, I saw the light a few months back and have already begun the process of pruning and proving my tree!
Miracles – Okay, this one isn’t from this week, but I missed it last week and to not mention it would be a shame.  This is an incredibly touching story about how Heather connected to a relative that she didn’t even know was right in her area.

Here are a few blogs that I have added to my reading list this week.  They aren’t necessarily new on the scene, but they are new to my list.

A Southern Sleuth – I just hope to someday be able to write my posts as well as Michelle does!

The Organized Genealogist  – I’m always looking for more and better ways to organize my genealogy research, so it should be fun to follow this blog and their Facebook group.

Tonia’s Roots – I just ran across this blog yesterday, but Tonia immediately hooked me with some of her technology articles.  I’m still working my way back through her older posts and enjoying every minute of it.


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