Follow Friday – May 31

Well, I managed to get caught up on my blog reading this week, and unlike last week where I could only note a few posts to check out, this week I actually had to pare down the list so that I wasn’t listing every blog that I read!  There were a lot of great articles this week especially with the Memorial Day holiday.  My first two articles are just two of the great Memorial Day posts that I found.

Honor Roll Project, Memorial Day 2013 – This is a fantastic project that brings the names and dates on so many local memorials into the digital age so that perhaps someone can find a long lost ancestor who served their country.

Visiting the American Cemetery at Normandy –  This post over at A Sense of Family hit my favorite list because she does a wonderful job of describing the cemetery at Normandy in both words and pictures.  Visiting Normandy is one of my “bucket list” items, so this post tugged at me pretty hard.

Creating Relationship Reports in RootsMagic 6 – I always enjoy when Randy Seaver posts one of his “how-to” articles, and I’m truly enjoying his posts on RootsMagic because I have been evaluating using RootsMagic instead of or in addition to Family Tree Maker and Randy’s posts are definitely making this decision easier!

Myths, Rumors and Lies – I love James’ description of a dilemma that I think every genealogist faces at some point…debunking the myths, rumors and sometimes outright lies that are part of our family’s history.

Watson, Why Did You Change Your Name To Frederick? –  Jana’s post is a great example of using bits and pieces from all available sources to try to piece together a solution to a genealogical mystery.  Since I have an ancestor that had a somewhat similar issue, I enjoyed following her reasoning and detective work.

and finally….

A Beautiful Night For a Flight – I always enjoy Jen Baldwin’s writing both for her own blog and for The In-Depth Genealogist, and this was no exception.  This is one of what I presume will be a series of follow-up posts talking about the NGS Conference and what lessons she took away.  This should be a great series to read.

Unfortunately, I didn’t add any new blogs to my reading list this week, but I’m sure that will change this next week!


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