Dusting off the Blog

Wow…the last few months of 2013 pretty much blew past me!  I looked back today at my blog and realized that from September through the end of the year, I wrote a whopping two posts!  Getting married in November followed immediately by the holidays and some family medical challenges didn’t really help my writing production much, but admittedly, I think I was burning out a little bit on genealogy and on blogging.

The time off has definitely helped though, because that familiar desire to dig into the past has flared up again as well as a desire to write it all down here.  So….time to dust off my blog and get back to telling the stories of my ancestors.

I am going to pick back up on the Family History Through the Alphabet series, and I’ll be throwing in stories from time to time about the genealogy class I am teaching this spring at our local state college.