Genealogy DNA Testing

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot lately about genealogy and DNA testing.  The idea is that we can utilize modern DNA tests to help trace where our families are from (ethnicity, region, etc.), make new connections on our family tree through DNA matches with others, and in some cases, help to confirm lineage.  If you would like a full explanation of what the tests can provide and , here is a great article that explains the process very well.

There are several companies that are offering this testing, and a variety of levels of the tests apparently.  The three big ones that I have seen so far are: – Ancestry offers a test for $99 for members and non-members alike

FamilyTree University offers
another great article on DNA and

FamilyTree DNA – This site has the widest variety of offerings out of the three I have looked at so far
23andMe – This site offers not only ancestral testing, but apparently a health related test

I haven’t done any of the tests from any of these sites, and I will freely admit that I am still looking at incredible marriage of modern technology and genealogy!  The implications of what DNA testing and sampling could do for modern genealogy is absolutely staggering.  I do, however, have to admit that I am somewhat skeptical of the full usefulness of the testing primarily out of concern for the scientific reliability of the results and the size of the DNA database that results are being compared to.

I’m curious to hear what experience others have had with DNA testing and genealogy.  Please share your thoughts and experiences.