Follow Friday – June 14

Several of my posts for this Friday were part of a series of posts.  Two sets came from bloggers who are attending the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR) at Samford University up the road in Birmingham, Alabama.  I even found time this week to find a few new blogs to follow.  

This week’s favorites:
Genealogy Prejudice Rears its Ugly Head – The title pretty much says it all.  This was a great article about the prejudice that seems to be coming up a lot within the genealogical community.  I completely agree with Mark – This is dumb!
IGHR Reports from Are My Roots Showing – I loved reading Jenny’s posts about IGHR, and I have to say that she has done a lot to convince me that IGHR is on my agenda some year soon!  Here are her post on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.
Judy Russell over at the Legal Genealogist has two great posts on IGHR as well.  One on Primary Resources and one on Historical Maps
An on going series at Nutfield Genealogy – Weathervane Wednesday – has always been a favorite weekly read for me.
Who Put the Heads on Pez?  My Cousin Curt! is a great post that gives us all a great biography of someone that most of us have probably never thought about but who was responsible for a cultural icon!
The Gift of Time is an a post that I just read this morning.  Michelle over at Southern Sleuth wrote a great biography piece with a pocket watch as her inspiration.  Fantastic writing!
Last, but not least, is Swimming in the stream of history over at Genealogy’s Star.  James’s piece has some great advice for all genealogists – go read and learn about the history that your ancestors lived through!  It will enlighten you so much more on what their lives were really like.
Two new (to me) blogs this week:
Teach Me Genealogy is a great educational blog.
50 Shades of Genealogy isn’t actually new to me, but I wanted to include it because it’s very funny and hits home on pretty much every post.  This is a tumblr page by Thomas MacEntee (the man behind Geneabloggers). 

Follow Friday – June 7

Here are just a few of the blog posts I enjoyed this week, and a few blogs that are new to me.

My Journey with the GPS – I found this blog post courtesy of a link on Twitter, and I loved the article because I think it shows the process that so many genealogists go through when they start out on their journey.

Confession of an Online Genealogist – Again, this is a confession that so many of us would probably make!

Tech Tuesday: Organizing with Evernote – As a huge fan of Evernote and someone who is really ramping up my use of it for Genealogy, I loved this article!

Simplifying Your Online Genealogy Life – All I can say is “Amen!!”  Love her strategies and suggestions.

Trying Out Evidentia – This was a last minute entry onto my list, but I have been reading about and considering trying Evidentia for a while now.  This post pretty much pushed me over the edge.

New (to me) Blogs this week:

Brenner Genealogy (Stardust ‘N’ Roots Blog)
West in New England

Follow Friday – May 31

Well, I managed to get caught up on my blog reading this week, and unlike last week where I could only note a few posts to check out, this week I actually had to pare down the list so that I wasn’t listing every blog that I read!  There were a lot of great articles this week especially with the Memorial Day holiday.  My first two articles are just two of the great Memorial Day posts that I found.

Honor Roll Project, Memorial Day 2013 – This is a fantastic project that brings the names and dates on so many local memorials into the digital age so that perhaps someone can find a long lost ancestor who served their country.

Visiting the American Cemetery at Normandy –  This post over at A Sense of Family hit my favorite list because she does a wonderful job of describing the cemetery at Normandy in both words and pictures.  Visiting Normandy is one of my “bucket list” items, so this post tugged at me pretty hard.

Creating Relationship Reports in RootsMagic 6 – I always enjoy when Randy Seaver posts one of his “how-to” articles, and I’m truly enjoying his posts on RootsMagic because I have been evaluating using RootsMagic instead of or in addition to Family Tree Maker and Randy’s posts are definitely making this decision easier!

Myths, Rumors and Lies – I love James’ description of a dilemma that I think every genealogist faces at some point…debunking the myths, rumors and sometimes outright lies that are part of our family’s history.

Watson, Why Did You Change Your Name To Frederick? –  Jana’s post is a great example of using bits and pieces from all available sources to try to piece together a solution to a genealogical mystery.  Since I have an ancestor that had a somewhat similar issue, I enjoyed following her reasoning and detective work.

and finally….

A Beautiful Night For a Flight – I always enjoy Jen Baldwin’s writing both for her own blog and for The In-Depth Genealogist, and this was no exception.  This is one of what I presume will be a series of follow-up posts talking about the NGS Conference and what lessons she took away.  This should be a great series to read.

Unfortunately, I didn’t add any new blogs to my reading list this week, but I’m sure that will change this next week!

Follow Friday – May 24

I’ve had a bit of a busy week, so I’m way behind on my blog reading.  This week’s Follow Friday list is a bit on the slim side, unfortunately.  Below are some of my favorite posts from this week that I have gotten through.

Google+ and Genealogy – A Happenin’ Place – This is a great article about using the power of social media in genealogy research.   
Explosion! – Jen Baldwin is what I would consider one of the “founders” of a new genealogy society that is geared toward the younger generation of genealogists – those that, unfortunately, some more “established” societies tend to discount.  I’m quite proud to say I am getting in on the ground floor of this amazing effort.
Genealogists are not being pushed out, Reinforcements are being invited in – I had planned to write a blog post in response to the article that Devon is talking about here, but after reading her response, mine would be completely redundant. (And probably not nearly as well written!)
I’ll try to catch up this weekend and stay up for the week!

Follow Friday – May 10

I’ve started reading a lot more blogs lately, and while I know there are several much more widely read “Follow Friday” posts and such, I thought I would continue to share with my readers some of my favorites from the week.

This week’s picks:

Tuesday’s Tip – Daughters Of The American Revolution Library  – A great review of a resource that I hope to be able to go use one day (if I make it back up toWashington, D.C.)

Putting Your Family on the Map – Finding Your Ancestors and Mapping Their History  I love the idea of adding a map showing the movement of my ancestral families, and this is a wonderful “How To” to help get you started!

It Was Right Under My Nose!! – All I can say it…been there and done that!  I think we all have, and we can all relate to the “pain” and exhilaration that Cindy must have felt when she realized that she had the information all along.
Thoughts on Very Large Genealogy Files (VLGF) – I’ve been one of those people who was more interested in accumulating names than doing in-depth research.  Thankfully, I saw the light a few months back and have already begun the process of pruning and proving my tree!
Miracles – Okay, this one isn’t from this week, but I missed it last week and to not mention it would be a shame.  This is an incredibly touching story about how Heather connected to a relative that she didn’t even know was right in her area.

Here are a few blogs that I have added to my reading list this week.  They aren’t necessarily new on the scene, but they are new to my list.

A Southern Sleuth – I just hope to someday be able to write my posts as well as Michelle does!

The Organized Genealogist  – I’m always looking for more and better ways to organize my genealogy research, so it should be fun to follow this blog and their Facebook group.

Tonia’s Roots – I just ran across this blog yesterday, but Tonia immediately hooked me with some of her technology articles.  I’m still working my way back through her older posts and enjoying every minute of it.

Follow Friday – May 3

Here are just a few of the great genealogy blog posts that I enjoyed over the course of the week:

1) Have You Heard of Open Library – Jana’s Genealogy (Open Library has become my new obsession thanks to Jana!)
2) Working With My Research Logs in RootsMagic 6 – Genea-Musings
3) Genealogy and Personal Finance – Jennealogy (A great post on financing this wonderfully expensive passion)
4) Do you still need a desktok (local) genealogy program?– Genealogy’s Star (This one just came out today, but it is definitely worth a read)
5) Family History Through the Alphabet – PERSI – GenBlog