Surname Saturday – Myers

This week’s Surname Saturday post is another of my little researched lines, they Myers family.  I have the family back a few generations (to my 4th great grand father), but this is another of those that most of what I have at this point has come from a compiled family tree that had no citations or documentation accompanying it, so I don’t really consider anything other than my 2nd great grandmother, Mary Ann (Myers) Farver to be “proven” genealogy.

Surname: Myers

Variations:  None that I have found to this point

Origins:  The information that I have takes the family back to Pennsylvania with George Washington Myers who was born in 1779.  I cannot say that he was born in Pennsylvania, but the compiled genealogy that I am starting from indicates that his son was born somewhere in Pennsylvania.  From there, the next potentially accurate information that I have shows the family in Crawford County, Ohio near New Washington.  The family continued to move a bit further west into eastern Indiana and various counties in western Ohio.

Goals/Challenges/Plans:  I don’t really have a lot of unusual challenges ahead with this family that I know of, but I have definitely been setting goals.  This line will be a “fresh” adventure for me when I start on it simply because I have nothing documented other than my great great grandmother’s maiden name.

Isaac and Mary Ann (Myers) Farver