Blogging by the States – Indiana

Blogging by the States is a blog theme/challenge being run by Jim Sanders over at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets and is one of several blog challenges I have been looking at doing.  I’m coming in to Jim’s challenge a little late (Indiana is Week 19) so I am going to do some doubling up over the next few
weeks to catch up.  Jim’s running through the states by the order in which they became a state.

I love that I found this theme and joined the challenge on the week that features Indiana simply because it is by far the easiest for me to do since I am a born and raised Hoosier and most of my research started in Indiana.

The surnames that I am currently researching in Indiana are:

WASHLER – The family first came to Indiana with John Warshler/Warstler sometime between 1850 and 1860.  (I’m still researching to find conclusive information on when John and his family moved to Indiana.)  John and his family settled in Jackson Township in DeKalb County, Indiana.

FARVER – Isaac Farver was my first Farver ancestor to come to Indiana in 1855 and he settled in Jackson Township just a few miles from where the Washler family settled (quite possibly how my great grandparents met!).  Isaac served in the Union Army as part of the Indiana Infantry.

NICHOLLS – I have confirmed that the Nicholls family came to Indiana (or at least purchased land in Indiana) in 1850 when Simon Nicholls purchased public lands at the land office in Fort Wayne on 20 December 1850.

ROBERTSON/ROBINSON – This is the Indiana family that I probably know the least about.  My 2nd Great Grandmother’s maiden name was either Robertson or Robinson (so far the evidence is very inconclusive on this).  If the information that I have so far proves to be correct, I believe I have found the family living in Indiana as early as August of 1850.

HABLAWETZ – The Hablawetz family came to Indiana with my 2nd Great Grandfather, Anton who moved to Wilmington Township in DeKalb County in 1869.  As I discussed in a previous post, Anton built one of the one room school houses that served DeKalb County for many years.

As you can see, my Hoosier roots run very deep and even though I have done extensive research on the families that lived in Indiana, I know that I have only scratched the surface and have many, many years of research left to do!

I hope you enjoy some of the new content that I will be adding to my blog.  I have been looking around for ideas, and recently came across two blogging “challenges” that I plan to undertake.  One is the Blogging by the States that this post is part of and the other is Family History Through the Alphabet.  While the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge is actually long over, I like the idea of the challenge and will take it on separate from the original challenge.  (Check back later today or tomorrow for the start of that one!)