Sunday’s Obituary – Earl C. Link

I haven’t done a Sunday Obituary post in quite a while, so I thought I would do one this week with my grandfather’s obituary.  Actually, I’m doing it with two obituaries for him.  My grandfather, Earl Link, was born in Wyandot County, Ohio, but was living in Ft. Wayne, Indiana when he died.  My grandmother had saved the obituaries from both locations after grandpa passed, and it was interesting to see the difference in the information contained in each.

Obituary for Earl Link
(Ft. Wayne News Sentinel,
5 May 1967, Ft. Wayne, Indiana)
The first of the two obituaries is from Ft. Wayne, where Mom and her parents were living when Grandpa died.  The obituary is much more focused on Grandpa Link’s career and his descendants than it is his earlier life.  Noticeably, the obituary mentions nothing of his parents, his birth or even his marriage.  It simply gives the details of his career and his immediate family.  One of the most significant pieces of information that I gained from this one is that he was a member of a railroad union!  (I’m still working on getting access to those records.)
Obituary for Earl Link
(Paper unknown, 05 May 1967,
Wyandot County, Ohio)
The other obituary that I have for Granpa, comes from his “hometown” newspaper in Wyandot County.  This obituary focuses much more on his family information than the one from Ft. Wayne.  This article talks about Grandpa’s birth, his parents, his marriage to Grandma, as well as the information about his career and surviving family.  This one even mentions Grandma’s parents!  The one piece of information missing here that was in the other is about the union membership.
The difference in the two obituaries makes sense when you think about where each was from and who the readership would have been.  For readers of the Ft. Wayne obituary, the Pennsylvania Railroad was a significant factor in the town, and many people were likely to have known Grandpa because of his years of service to the railroad.  Whereas, in Wyandot County, the readers were much more likely to have known Grandpa and Grandma as children and from their early lives together.  These people would also have known Grandpa and Granma’s parents.

Sunday’s Obituary – Newton H Link

This week’s Sunday Obituary is for my great great grandfather, Newton Link.

Obituary of Newton Link
22 Mar 1967
Upper Sandusky Daily Chief Union
Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Newton’s obituary was a virtual gold mine of information for me.  Some key pieces of information that I got from his obituary that I did not have previously were that all of his siblings had preceded him in death (I was still missing a few death dates), his occupation information (I had known he was superintendent of the county home, but did not know of his other jobs), his church affiliation, and the maiden name of his second wife, Ella.  I particularly found it interesting that Newton was the last of his family because he was actually the first born in his family, and was apparently the only member of the family that wasn’t one of the “Wandering Link’s.”

I have to say that for me, this was probably one of the first obituaries I found that actually gave me new information on someone and didn’t just corroborate the information I already had on an individual.

Sunday’s Obituary – Clara Augusta (Paessler) Hill

This week’s Sunday Obituary is for my great grandmother, Clara Augusta (Paessler) Hill (25 Aug 1881 – 21 Jan 1970).

Clara Hill obituary,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
Upper Sandusky Daily Chief-Union,
22 Jan 1970, p.1 column 3

Great Grandma Hill’s parents, Herman and Augusta Paessler, were German immigrants, and Clara was the youngest of their children.  From letters that I have seen and have copies of, Clara was rather well traveled in her later years as I have found letters from her to my grandmother that are post marked California, Arizona and Texas.  From the letters, it appears that Great Grandma Hill took a several months long trip to visit her children that lived in various states around the country.

Sunday’s Obituary – Hannah (McCleary) Hill

Today’s Sunday Obituary is for my 2nd great grandmother, Hannah (McCleary) Hill.  Hannah was the wife of Samuel Hill as well as the namesake of my grandmother, Hannah (Hill) Link.  As with many obituaries, this one provided me with some invaluable information when I was first starting out on the hunt for Hannah’s family, including the information about her first marriage!

Upper Sandusky Daily Chief,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
5 October 1908

The McCleary family is one of the few that I have where I’ve not done much research beyond the initial survey stage, but from what I have found so far, it should be an enjoyable hunt!

Sunday’s Obituary – Samuel Hill

 Wyandot County Republican,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
16 March 1906

Today’s obituary is for my 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Hill (4 Nov 1830-13 Mar 1906).  Samuel is the furthest back that I have been able to prove my Hill Line, despite the fantastic information that is contained in his obituary.  I was actually able to find a biography of Samuel in a published history of Wyandot County which mirrors most of the information in the obituary on the right.  That tells me that either a) the information is relatively accurate or b) the author of the obituary used that biography as the basis for the obit!  Either way, Great Great Grandpa Hill’s obituaries have been a great source of information on his life as well as a treasure chest of clues about where to continue researching this line.

Wyandot Chief,
Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
15 March 1906

Sunday’s Obituary – Mary (Dickson) Link

Obituary for Mary Link
(Upper Sandusky, Ohio,
Wyandot County Republican,
23 Sept 1897

This week, my Sunday Obituary is the oldest published obituary that I have in my collection.  Mary (Dickson) Link was my 3rd Great Grandmother.  As the obituary says, she was born Oct 7, 1822 in Ohio.  She married Shepley Holmes Link on February 23, 1847.  Mary and Shepley had 14 children together. (Can you imagine?!)

One item in Mary’s obituary that caught my eye was the sentence, “She was converted under the preaching of Rev. J.V. Updike in 1875, and gave her hand to the church and her heart to God, and His grace sustained her through sorrow and affliction.”  The reason that this sentence caught my attention was that my 3rd great grandfather died in 1875.  What this tells me is that Mary may have either had a conversion moment during her sorrow over loosing her husband of nearly 30 years or that in the course of her grieving, she “found religion” and chose to convert.  One thing I have not yet discovered, is what religion Mary converted to.  That, I am afraid, will have to remain on my “Research To Do List” for a while yet.

Sunday’s Obituary – Mary Link

Mary Link
Mary Link obituary,
Wyandot County Republican
23 Sept 1897
Mary Link was my 3rd great grandmother, and the wife of Shepley Holmes Link.  What I find most interesting about this obituary is that Mary was living in Little York, Ohio which is several counties away from where most of her family was in Wyandot County.  It has left me with yet another family history mystery to unravel.