Wednesday’s Child – Lillie Washler (1883-1887)

Lillie Washler (18 Feb 1883 – 24 Oct 1887)

Lillie Washler was, for a brief time, my grand aunt.  She was born in 1883, and a passed away just four short years later in 1887.  The cause of Lillie’s death is still somewhat of a mystery to me at this point.  In the official records that I have been able to find, there is no mention of her birth or death.  The only real clue that I have to her death is that one of my aunts remembers a story that Lillie “died from drinking out of a horse trough.”   To this point, my best guess is that young Lillie contracted some sort of disease from drinking contaminated water.  However, as we all know, stories get distorted with time, and it is quite possible that Lillie actually drowned in said horse trough, or her death had absolutely nothing to do with the story.

Lillie’s story, and the story of her older sister, Leonora, who was born and died before Lillie ever came along, are both goals that I have in my research.  One day, hopefully, I will be able to tell the stories of my grand aunts who lived such short lives.

Tombstone for Lillie Washler