Genealogy by the States – Week 20 Mississippi

Blogging by the States is a blog theme/challenge being run by Jim Sanders over at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets and is one of the new blog challenges that I am undertaking.  I came in to Jim’s challenge a little late so I am going to do some doubling up over the next few weeks to catch up.  Jim’s running through the states by the order in which they became a state.

This week’s state is Mississippi, and unfortunately, I don’t have (as of yet) any ancestors that resided in Mississippi.  I thought that I might since I had one family that seemed to wander through the
South, but alas, they seemed to skip over Mississippi in their wanderings.  So instead of talking about my ancestors in Mississippi, I went in search of some resources to recommend.

Family Search Wikki – As with almost any new area that I start on, the first thing I do is go to Family Search to see what their Wikki has to offer.  I have never been steered wrong there, and this was no exception!

Mississippi Genealogy 101 – When I went looking for resources on Mississippi, I found a link to this site and was blown away.  I’m actually going back here for almost every state that I research because the site has great information for all of them!

Mississippi Genealogy Network – I am a big advocate of using social media to start researching in any new location!

Mississippi USGenWeb – No effort to start new research would be complete without a visit to USGenWeb

Mississippi Department of History and Archives – The state Archives for Mississippi