Tombstone Tuesday – James Madison Pool

James Madison Pool is my 3rd great grandfather through my mother’s side.  The Pool family is one of my lesser researched lines and most of what I have for this family has come through either derivative or authored sources.  James and his wife Mary are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Photo used with permission courtesy of Kathy Swartzfager Scott
 (Find A Grave Contributor #47092236)

 James Madison POOL:  b. 11 Jan 1823 in Richland County, Ohio
                                      d. 13 Mar 1903 in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio
                                      m. 04 Nov 1847 in Richland County, Ohio

Mary Emaline (HARTUPEE) POOL:
                                       b. 14 Nov 1827 in Richland County, Ohio
                                       d. 11 Mar 1896 in Wyandot County, Ohio

Photo used with permission courtesy of Kathy Swartzfager Scott
 (Find A Grave Contributor #47092236)


Surname Saturday – Pool

It’s been a while since I did a surname Saturday post – primarily because I have outlined most of the “primary” surnames that I have done research on!  With today’s post on the Pool name, I have finally covered all of the surnames that I have done any sort of primary research on.  There are a few others out there that I have found connections to, but not that I have really looked into.

Surname:  Pool
Variations: The only variation that I have found so far as been Poole

Origins: I have been able to find information that has tentatively lead me back as far as John POOL who was supposedly born in Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey in 1760.  John apparently brought his family from New Jersey to Ashland County, Ohio.  From there, all of my Pool relatives have stayed relatively close – either Ashland County or one of the neighboring counties.

My connections to the Pool family come through my great grandmother, Lola (WELTY) LINK.  Lola’s mother was Emma Elverdia POOL.

Goals/Challenges/Plans:  Until recently, the Pool surname was way, way down on my list of names to research.  That changed a little recently only because during the trip back home, one of the items that we found in my grandmother’s old letters was an original copy of the will of Ora Belle POOL, who was my 2nd great grand aunt (Emma’s sister).  The copy we have was sent from an attorney in Upper Sandusky, Ohio to my grandfather, Earl, who was named in the will.  Ora’s will lists her siblings, grand children, grand nieces and nephews, and even great grand nieces and nephews!  While her will doesn’t really provide any direct evidence that will lead me further backward, it does most definitely provide direct primary evidence of a huge number of family connections.  With that, my plan at this point is to transcribe the will, analyze it and enter all of the information I can glean from it, and then develop a plan for going forward with research on the Pool name.  (I have the feeling that there are going to be quite a few research questions that come out of this will!)