Tombstone Tuesday – James Madison Pool

James Madison Pool is my 3rd great grandfather through my mother’s side.  The Pool family is one of my lesser researched lines and most of what I have for this family has come through either derivative or authored sources.  James and his wife Mary are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Photo used with permission courtesy of Kathy Swartzfager Scott
 (Find A Grave Contributor #47092236)

 James Madison POOL:  b. 11 Jan 1823 in Richland County, Ohio
                                      d. 13 Mar 1903 in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio
                                      m. 04 Nov 1847 in Richland County, Ohio

Mary Emaline (HARTUPEE) POOL:
                                       b. 14 Nov 1827 in Richland County, Ohio
                                       d. 11 Mar 1896 in Wyandot County, Ohio

Photo used with permission courtesy of Kathy Swartzfager Scott
 (Find A Grave Contributor #47092236)


Tombstone Tuesday – Curtis and Christiana (Farver) Washler

Washler Family Tombstone
Riverview Cemetery, Newville, Indiana
This week’s Tombstone Tuesday post is for my great grandparents, Curtis and Christiana (Farver) Washler.  My great grandparents are buried in Riverview Cemetery near Newville, Indiana.  The plot can best be described as the Washler family plot, since the large “Washler” stone (pictured above) stands in the middle of the plots where Curtis and Christiana are buried along with many of their children and their spouses.

Curtis A. WASHLER:      b. 08 May 1855 in Stark County, Ohio
                                       d. 12 Jul 1939 in DeKalb County, Indiana
                                       m. 10 May 1877 in DeKalb County, Indiana
Christiana S. FARVER:   b. 21 Aug 1859 near Spencerville, DeKalb County, Indiana
                                       d. 22 May 1935 in DeKalb County, Indiana

Tombstone Tuesday – Independence Day Edition: Adam Link

Tombstone for Adam Link
Union Cemetery, Bucyrus, Ohio

This week, our nation celebrates Independence Day, and so I thought it only fitting that this week’s edition of Tombstone Tuesday should feature my Revolutionary War Patriot ancestor, Adam Link.  My 4th great grandfather, Adam Link is buried in Union Cemetery near Bucyrus in Crawford County, Ohio.  I went looking for Adam’s resting place a little over a decade ago, expecting it to be somewhat difficult to find.  What I found instead was a well marked grave that is quite obviously tended to with all of the respect and honor that is befitting of someone who risked their life to help win this country’s independence.

ADAM LINK: b. 14 Nov 1761 in Hagerstown, MD
                        d. 15 Aug 1864 in Crawford Co., OH

D.A.R. Plaque marking Adam Link’s grave

 I won’t retell Adam’s story here, but for more information on Adam, please see my previous posts here, here and here.  My lineage back to Adam was highlighted in this post when I finally completed my Sons of the American Revolution application.

Union Cemetery is also marked as “Revolutionary
War Cemetery”

Tombstone Tuesday – Donald and Mary (Hablawetz) Washler

This week’s Tombstone Tuesday post is of my father’s parents, Donald and Mary (Hablawetz) Washler.  I have only very very vague memories of my grandfather and unfortunately no memories of my grandmother since both died when I was still relatively young.  It wasn’t until I started doing my genealogy research that I knew that my grandfather actually died on my 4th birthday.

My grandparents are buried in Riverview Cemetery in Newville, Indiana.  This is the same cemetery where both of their parents, many of their siblings and many of the family ancestors are buried.

Donald and Mary (Hablawetz) Washler
Riverview Cemetery, Newville, DeKalb County, IN

Donald Adelbert WASHLER:  b. 10 June 1898 in Concord Twp, DeKalb County, IN
                                               d. 11 December 1975 in Auburn, IN
                                                m. 28 March 1929 in United Brethren Church of Newville, IN

Mary Louise HABLAWETZ:   b. 07 August 1907 in Wilmington Twp., DeKalb County, IN
                                               d. 25 August 1973 in Auburn, IN

Tombstone Tuesday – Isaac and Anna (Brown) Link

Grave marker for Isaac and Anna (Brown) Link
Chandler Cemetery, Wyandot County, Ohio

Today’s tombstone is for my 2nd great grandparents, Isaac and Anna (Brown) Link.  I have written about Isaac and Anna a few times before.  Isaac and Anna have presented a bit of a mystery for me as far as why they seemed to wander through the south late in their lives.  Even their tombstone presented a challenge for me.  This is actually a great example of how information from one source can be wrong even if it is “carved in stone.”

You see, I took this picture early on in my genealogy research.  I figured it gave me some basic information and I could build from there.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that Isaac’s death year is wrong on his tombstone!  Isaac Link died on December 12, 1910, not in 1911 as written on his tombstone.  I would love to say that I have a death certificate to prove this, but unfortunately, Isaac died in Georgia in 1910 which was  before the state started requiring death certificates in 1919.  The wonderful County Recorder in Dublin, Georgia did a search for me, but unfortunately was unable to locate any death certificate for Isaac.  However, my most solid evidence to dispute the 1911 death year is that Isaac’s obituary was published in the Wyandot County Republican on December 16, 1910.  As far as sources, information and evidence goes, the publishing of his obituary prior to 1911 is pretty conclusive evidence that the date is incorrect!

Many facts about Isaac and Anna’s lives are still shrouded in the mists of time for me, but with careful research, I have no doubt that I am going to uncover why they wandered through the south, and find enough evidence to say that I have proven where and when Isaac died.

Tombstone Tuesday – Newton and Lola (Welty) Link

Today’s tombstone is for my great grandparents, Newton and Lola (Welty) Link.  Newton and Lola are buried in the Nevada Cemetery near Nevada, Ohio.

Newton Henry LINK b. 22 Nov 1876 in Eden Twp, Wyandot County, Ohio
                                   d. 22 Mar 1967 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
                                  m. 07 May 1897 in Wyandot County, Ohio

Lola WELTY             b. 27 Aug 1875 in Defiance County, Ohio
                                   d. 13 Nov 1928 in Franklin, Ohio

I have a great deal of conflicting evidence as to Lola’s middle name.  In several records, I have found her middle name listed as Laverdia, or Verdie, but interestingly, her tombstone has the middle initial of “D.”  I have not been able to find any evidence to suggest what the D may have stood for, so at this point, I have to leave Lola’s middle name as a mystery.

Tombstone Tuesday – John and Lydia (Lehman) Nicholls

Today’s tombstone is that of my 3rd Great Grandfather, John B. Nicholls and his 2nd wife, Lydia (Lehman) Nicholls.  I am featuring both John and Lydia because they share a tombstone.  When I found this marker in the old Evergreen Cemetery in Newville, Indiana, I found both John and Lydia on adjoining sides of the same stone.  On a third side of the stone was an inscription for one of their sons, Harvey.  Lydia, John’s second wife, is not actually in my blood lines.  My 2nd Great Grandfather, Simon, was the child of John and his first wife, Margaret.  (This relationship is unproven as of yet.  The only information that I have is from an undocumented compile genealogy, so needless to say, I have this on my research plans.)

B: 14 Dec 1791 in Maryland
D: 05 Mar 1858 in DeKalb County, Indiana



B: 18 Apr 1808 in Virginia
D: 23 Mar 1881 in DeKalb County, Indiana